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Corporate Culture

The core idea

Excellent quality, the highest service!
Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursue.
Our top goal is to constantly cognize, satisfy and develop the core needs of clients, to help customers to realize their dreams with our best resources.

The enterprise value

Pursuit win-win with the customers, compete with our opponents and improve with our staffs.
Maximize the benefit of the enterprise and customers while pursuing the enterprise goals.
Win the respect and cooperation of colleagues while competing in the same industry.
Realize personal value of employees while reflecting the enterprise value.

Enterprise spirit
Honesty: Honesty is a basic element for individual, enterprise and society to live on. Integrity is the basic condition of mutual respect and trust is the fundamental guarantee of successful cooperation.
Foresight: To ensure the enterprise sustainable development, we need to think in advance and insight into the trend.
Innovation: Encourage creation, seek for different points of view, dare to innovate to pursue new opportunities.
Dedication: Dedication is a kind of state. Enterprise needs the selflessness of employees. Employees need the love and care of the enterprise. Society needs the feedback and contribution of enterprises.

Enterprise style
Preciseness: insist on scientific and strict style, guarantee every optimal results.
Be Practical-minded: conscientious, seeking truth from facts and steadfastly doing something.
High efficiency: establish unified technical facilities and perfect resource sharing platform to win the benefits with efficiency.
Cooperation: all the achievements are collective crystallization of the wisdom of the cooperation, to achieve reciprocal advantages to create a strong force in cooperation.

Operation Principle
Power management  Full operation  Key management  Flexible management
Power management: depend on management platform with leading technology to ensure quality; release the power of the team and perfect the service system to build comprehensive strength.
Full operation: everyone is the operating environment and all of the process is business process.
Key management: pay attention to key industries, key customers and key regional to create industry significant project and classic performance.
Flexible management: take the market as the guide to keep the flexibility of enterprise management and project operations with innovative management mode.

Core competency
From a single leading professional technical advantage to the combination of each professional technology advantage, gradually developed into a comprehensive and competitive advantage with technology, management and enterprise culture together, to set up the core competency of the enterprise and to provide a comprehensive solution for customers.

Corporate mission
Combine advanced technology to promote the industry progress, return to shareholders and benefit the society.
Stand in the forefront of the industry and adopt new technology to provide the optimal investment and management plan and promote industry improvement.

Business goal
Creating an international well-known brand power supply.
Promote industry development, form complete industry chain and creat an international well-known power supply brand with consulting, design, manufacturing and service.