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Enterprise declaration

From the past to the future, customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursue. With our persistent, ETOP will be high quality power supplier with international competitive ability.


We will combine advanced technology to promote the industry progress, return to shareholders and benefit the society.
Honesty: Honesty is a basic element for individual, enterprise and society to live on. Integrity is the basic condition of mutual respect and trust is the fundamental guarantee of successful cooperation. We will ensure ETOP has been worthy of the name customers trust and praise, and sustainable integrity through personal and professional ethics, corporate reputation.
We are committed to full, appropriate, effective quality management system technology, we will never overlook any part of the product quality chain and continue improve in the process.
We are the typical learning organization. We promote knowledge within the organization to achieve rapid and effective transfer of knowledge sharing, we establish unified technical facilities and perfect resource sharing platform to win the benefits with efficiency.
 We comply with the idea that the development of enterprises depends on qualified personnel, and personnel growth rely on enterprises,. We promote unity and cooperation, team-oriented advantages. People are the most valuable resource of ETOP, all our results are from the employees' loyalty, dedication, wisdom and creativity. We respect each other, reflect the importance of personal values and encourage outstanding.
We expect profits, but it should meet customers' requirements and be good to enterprises,  partners and the community. We will refuse to go against our values, speculation and always believe in pay and benefits for other laws of nature.
We are responsible for the customers, the staff and the society we survive .We treasure the natural resources and human wealth. We attach importance to the ecological balance and environmental protection, always opposed to any form of waste and destruction of any size.
We insist on improving ourselves and continuous innovation. ETOP Always stands in the forefront of the industry, incorporates the advanced technology and promote the development of the industry to build ETOP's core competitive ability and provide comprehensive solutions for customers.
We know the thoughts enlighten the future, the cultural bring up the height of an enterprise. we will always take "customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursue" as the core idea. Moreover, we will continue to make the ETOP culture to keep pace with the times.
We know deeply that there will be many obstacles on the road of ETOP's development. But we have confidence and persistence to keep summarizing and exploring and to maintain the enthusiasm and energy. we will continue to practice and surpass to achieve the dream and glory of ETOP.