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New Arrival EU type------12V Ac Dc Power Adapter IP44 Waterproof
ETOP's new developed power adapter EU type ADS-U005SXXA and ADS-U012SXXA with IP44 waterproof CE and RoHS approved has approached the market now!
This new power adapter adopts excellent outdoor waterproof solution, absolutely meets IP44 waterproof requirement.
It uses high quality fiberglass PCB with fireproof grade 94V0, built in lightning protection and anti surge circuit and big brand, long life electrolytic capacitor, which ensures better protection of terminal product, stability and long life and high efficiency in harsh environment.
It has a extremely wide application range:
1) Outdoor LED lightings
Lawn lighting, landscape lighting, LED strips, LED torch, lighthouse etc;
2) Security appliances
Security camera, CCTV camera,web camra  etc;
3) Household appliances
Coffee machine, air purifier, air humidifier, aquarium, monitor,fans,oven etc.
It has achieved following certificates or qualifications already:
1)  CE approved;
2)  RoHS approved;
3)  ERP Levle V approved;
4)  IP44 waterproof approved.

Download data sheets below: